Know 2 Reasons Why Tesla’s Stock Fell Heavily Today

Tesla Stock price today

Before knowing the reason behind the fall in Tesla’s stock, know why it has fallen by 45% in the last 1 year.

6 issues that caused Tesla’s stock to fall in 1 year

  • Semiconductor Shortage
  • Lockdown in China
  • Twitter Acquisition Deal
  • MFs & Rating Agency Rate Underperformance
  • Overall Technology And IT Sector is Bearish
  • Too Eager Valuation

If you want to read about these reasons in more detail then click here

Why Tesla’s Stock Fell Heavily Today:

Tesla Car Photo
Tesla Car Photo
  1. Now let’s know why Tesla’s stock has declined today. Tesla company has delivered 100,291 EVs in November 2022, according to Xinhua News Agency. Highest ever record Tesla hits 100,000 Deliveries Per Month for the first time
  2. Tesla Company has increased total sales by 40% on month-and-month bases. And there is a growth of 90% in total production on year-and-year basis.
  3. In the past, Tesla was increasing its production, but now it seems that Tesla was operating at its maximum production capacity Will reduce its production capacity.
  4. Tesla is working at full production capacity at its Shanghai Giga Factory. But it is estimated that it can reduce its 20% production capacity right now.
  5. With this, let us tell you that Tesla’s Shanghai Giga Factory was working at its full production capacity in October and November.
  6. Let us tell you that last year means in 2021, Tesla sold a total of 484,130 vehicles, but in this year 2022, it is estimated that more than 750,000 vehicles will be sold.
  7. Tesla is to cut production by 20%, which could result in a production cut of close to 80,000 vehicles a month. The difference of which you will also see in Tesla company’s financials.

Toyota Launches 6 New Electric Cars & Pick-up Trucks:

Toyota New Electric Car
Toyota New Electric Car
Toyota New Electric Car 1
Toyota New Electric Car 1
  1. Japanese car maker Toyota is bringing 6 new vehicles in the coming time. Which will be launched in Europe market by 2026
  2. Toyota plans to have zero carbon emissions and reduce its consumption of petrol and diesel.
  3. Toyota will launch these vehicles in the coming five years and Toyota is expecting that by 2030 the market for electric vehicles will be huge.

You are seeing the impact of these two news in the form of a fall in the shares of Tesla Company. Click here to know more such stock market news

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