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The year to come in the stock market we get the final CPI reading of 2022, final interest rate from the Fed 2022 and if that’s not enough for you then there’s a Microsoft investor day coming up and Adobe is going to report earnings.

Stock Market news on Monday

Monday First off quiet both on the economic front and earnings calendar, this big change coming though for metamaterials if you remember going back to last week with Jeff Mendel VP of OTC markets on live in studio and he ran through the details surrounding this spin off of the Series A shares from the OTC markets to a private company so, if you are an owner of the OTC listed metamaterial shares you haven’t held Monday at the close to sell if you are choosing to do so or you will be included in this deal but they’ll be delisted from OTC at the close on Monday.


OTC stock Market
OTC Market

Stock Market news on Tuesday and Wednesday

One notable earnings name to come then after the stock market, closes on Monday will get an earnings report from Oracle alright you’re gonna wanna get a very good sleep Monday night can be bright eyed ready to go on Tuesday because Tuesday premarket at 8:30 we’re gonna get the final CPI print of the year coming before fed decision remember the very next day this is the final inflation related piece of data that the Fed is going to consider before they make their decision, click to check Oracle price

On Wednesday again all signs still pointing towards A50 basis point increase coming from the Fed, meanwhile we’ve had multiple economic readings of late including the November jobs data and also the ISM services data that were higher than expected remember so there is still some underlying strength in the economy this is going to be a very important print coming up again Tuesday at 8:30 will get that CPI for November.


Most estimates looking for another slight down tick on both the month over month and the year over year numbers with predictions of 6.2% and 7.6% rates and an overall month over month increase then coming in at just 0.4%, want to get be on that print then 8:30 eastern premarket would get into the trading session we have to be aware of Microsoft coming up on Tuesday starting at 11:30 eastern Microsoft is going to be holding their annual shareholder investor day it’s a virtual event so it’s going to be taking place online but during market power so Microsoft could move will keep an eye on any comments coming out of the investor day.

Yum Brand

Yum Brands the ticker symbol also having their investor day the same day, the action then heats up further on Wednesday of course where we get the final interest rate decision from Fed chair Powell coming up Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 PM all signs still pointing to a 50 basis point increase set to come from venture Powell in a speech remember back on the first day of November that Fed chair Powell said it was time to start to slow the pace at which they are increasing rates to then left the economy absorbed one is already happened and show them that they need to continue so some language that helped the market rally at the time.

Have everyone as mentioned however we have had some recent economic data 2 strengthen the economy within November jobs number and the ISM prank coming in hotter than expected Tuesday’s CPI reading that will be the final one the Fed will consider before they make their decision the CME fed funds tool meanwhile still pointing to better than 70% chance that we do get that 50 basis point hike what does that mean as a trader we’ll have to wait and see when that happens again Wednesday at 2:00 PM


Stock Market on Thursday and Friday

Stock market on Wednesday the interest rate decision followed by 2:30 the press conference make sure you’re with us Thursday then will be primed and ready to trade the reaction that is presented to us in the overall market post fed remember going back to last month we had a multi-day move coming off that last fed decision make sure with us in the pre-market Thursday as well.

There is some key economic data to come before we get things going on Thursday stock market as well will get November retail sales data will get weekly jobless claims and Philly fed data all at 8:30 and then more to come with industrial and manufacturing production coming at 9:15AM so make sure with this at 9:15, will bring you those numbers as they have.


Thursday after the stock market closes then we get the best earnings chance of the week from a trade perspective Adobe comes through with their earnings that’s again, after the market closes on Thursday.

So have a look at Adobe shares Friday morning more inflation related data then coming Friday before the stock market opens as well at 9:45 one of those numbers that kind of sneaks up on you right after 9:30 when the market opens but 9:45 we’re gonna get SNP’s flash December PMI reading again there is an inflation portion to that number so the stock market will react to that make sure with us on Friday with CPI with the Fed to come is the can’t miss week for trading, Let  us  know what are your thoughts about this week in the comments below. Click to checkout other posts like this.

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