Top 6 Best Semiconductor Stock To Buy

Top 6 Best Semiconductor Stock To Buy

In this post, we have told about some such stocks which are the biggest stocks in the semiconductor sector and we should keep an eye on these stocks in the long term.

In this post, details about all the companies have been told and Revenue, Earning, Financial Reports, Technical Analysis have also been done, so read the whole post carefully.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC)

Intel is the world’s largest logic chipmaker. It designs and manufactures microprocessors for the global personal computer and data center markets. Intel pioneered the x86 architecture for microprocessors. It was the prime proponent of Moore’s law for advances in semiconductor manufacturing, though the firm has recently faced manufacturing delays. While Intel’s server processor business has benefited from the shift to the cloud, the firm has also been expanding into new adjacencies as the personal computer market has stagnated. These include areas such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and automotive. Intel has been active on the merger and acquisitions front, acquiring Altera, Mobileye, and Habana Labs in order to bolster these efforts in non-PC arenas.

Intel Corporation Results (Revenue, Earning, Financials Reports):


Total Revenue$79,024,000$77,867,000$71,965,000$70,848,000
Cost of Revenue$35,209,000$34,255,000$29,825,000$27,111,000
Gross Profit$43,815,000$43,612,000$42,140,000$43,737,000
Operating Income$19,456,000$23,678,000$22,035,000$23,316,000
Net Income$19,868,000$20,899,000$21,048,000$21,053,000
Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) Results

Intel Corporation Stock Technical Analysis:

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (NYSE: TSM)

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC, is the world’s largest dedicated chip foundry, with over 50% market share in 2019 per Gartner. TSMC was founded in 1987 as a joint venture of Philips, the government of Taiwan, and private investors. It went public as an ADR in the U.S. in 1997. TSMC’s scale and high-quality technology allow the firm to generate solid operating margins, even in the highly competitive foundry business. Furthermore, the shift to the fabless business model has created tailwinds for TSMC. The foundry leader has an illustrious customer base, including Apple and Nvidia, that looks to apply cutting-edge process technologies to its semiconductor designs.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited Results (Revenue, Earning, Financials Reports):


Total Revenue$57,375,800$47,663,700$35,693,500$33,554,400
Cost of Revenue$27,754,300$22,354,800$19,257,500$17,356,500
Gross Profit$29,621,500$25,308,900$16,436,000$16,197,900
Operating Income$23,493,000$20,171,700$12,432,900$12,480,800
Net Income$21,429,200$18,186,600$11,810,000$11,813,300
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (NYSE: TSM) Results

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited Stock Technical Analysis:

Marvell Technology Inc. (NYSE: MRVL)

Marvell Technology is a leading fabless chipmaker focused on networking and storage applications. Marvell serves the data center, carrier, enterprise, automotive, and consumer end markets with processors, optical interconnections, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and merchant silicon for Ethernet applications. The firm is an active acquirer, with five large acquisitions since 2017 helping it pivot out of legacy consumer applications to focus on the cloud and 5G markets.

Marvell Technology Inc. Results (Revenue, Earning, Financials Reports):


Total Revenue$4,462,383$2,968,900
Cost of Revenue$2,398,158$1,480,550
Gross Profit$2,064,225$1,488,350
Operating Income-$347,668-$258,389
Net Income-$421,034-$277,298
Marvell Technology Inc. (NYSE: MRVL) Results

Marvell Technology Inc Stock Technical Analysis:

Micron Technology Inc. (NYSE: MU)

Micron historically focused on designing and manufacturing DRAM for PCs. The firm then expanded into the NAND flash memory market. It increased its DRAM scale with the purchase of Elpida (completed in mid-2013) and Inotera (completed in December 2016). The firm’s DRAM and NAND products tailored to PCs, data centers, smartphones, game consoles, automotives, and other computing devices.

Micron Technology Inc. Results (Revenue, Earning, Financials Reports):


Total Revenue$30,758,000$27,705,000$21,435,000$23,406,000
Cost of Revenue$16,860,000$17,282,000$14,883,000$12,704,000
Gross Profit$13,898,000$10,423,000$6,552,000$10,702,000
Operating Income$9,702,000$6,283,000$3,003,000$7,376,000
Net Income$8,687,000$5,861,000$2,687,000$6,313,000
Micron Technology Inc. (NYSE: MU) Results

Micron Technology Inc Stock Technical Analysis:

NVIDIA Corporation (NYSE: NVDA)

Nvidia is the top designer of discrete graphics processing units that enhance the experience on computing platforms. The firm’s chips are used in a variety of end markets, including high-end PCs for gaming, data centers, and automotive infotainment systems. In recent years, the firm has broadened its focus from traditional PC graphics applications such as gaming to more complex and favorable opportunities, including artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, which leverage the high-performance capabilities of the firm’s products.

NVIDIA Corporation Results (Revenue, Earning, Financials Reports):


Total Revenue$26,914,000$16,675,000$10,918,000$11,716,000
Cost of Revenue$9,439,000$6,279,000$4,150,000$4,545,000
Gross Profit$17,475,000$10,396,000$6,768,000$7,171,000
Operating Income$10,041,000$4,532,000$2,846,000$3,804,000
Net Income$9,752,000$4,332,000$2,796,000$4,141,000
NVIDIA Corporation (NYSE: NVDA) Results

NVIDIA Corporation Stock Technical Analysis:

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE: AMD)

For more than 50 years AMD has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies – the building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms and the data center. Hundreds of millions of consumers, leading Fortune 500 businesses and cutting-edge scientific research facilities around the world rely on AMD technology daily to improve how they live, work and play. AMD employees around the world are focused on building great products that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Advanced Micro Devices Results (Revenue, Earning, Financials Reports):


Total Revenue$16,434,000$9,763,000$6,731,000$6,475,000
Cost of Revenue$8,505,000$5,416,000$3,863,000$4,028,000
Gross Profit$7,929,000$4,347,000$2,868,000$2,447,000
Operating Income$3,648,000$1,369,000$631,000$2,447,000
Net Income$3,162,000$2,490,000$341,000$337,000
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE: AMD) Results

Advanced Micro Devices Stock Technical Analysis:

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