What ‘AUTODESK’ Stock Best For 2023?


Autodesk Stock Right For 2023?

Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK) is known as Autodesk computer-aided design and drafting software. Autodesk used for architects, manufacturer, engineers, and media profession

Autodesk’s Maya, 3ds Max, motion builder and Mud box, application are used to special effect foe video games and 3D animations, Tv shows, VR software and Movies. It also used building modeling tool, epic games 3d visualization software.


Autodesk’s stock decline 30% this year. now expects Autodesk revenue to rise 14% this year. Autodesk grow 16% in both fiscal 2022 and fiscal 2021. analytic expect only 10% growth in 2024. it blames a higher mix of shorter-term contracts that generate lower upfront payments .

However Autodesk also profitable. auto desk revenue comfortably above100%. its stock profit 27 time forward earning. should take a closer look at this stock.

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