Why EV Share Of Canoo Are High Reaching by 18.5%

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Why Stock Price Are Increasing?

18.5% of spike was seen today in of Canoo as some of their insider showed strong belief in company’s future with huge share purchase, 12% of total  gain was seen when market opened today.

People are uncertain about the company’s future whether Canoo could actually get its business off the ground. when the first quarter report came a lack of confidence was seen in the management itself that it may not have enough cash to survive, at that time investors was pushing stock down to 85% however, Tony Aqyila made a huge purchase about $10 million in share this week as per form 4 securities and exchange commission filling.

What could be then future of Canoo?

An announcement of the several agreements for it commercial electric vehicles was made by Canoo which includes a non binding order for 4,500 vehicles from Walmart  along with conclusive orders for more than 12,000 vehicles from work ready when rental provider and a national fleet leasing company. Company is planning to acquire a manufacturing fecality in Oklahoma.

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