Why FLJ Group Shares Soared 57.30%

Why FLJ Group Shares Soared 57.30%

FLJ Group Limited (NASDAQ: FLJ) and Quhuo Limited signed Cooperation Framework Agreement. Due to this news, the share of FLJ Group Limited has gained 57.30% today and Also the share of FLJ Group has reached from the closing price of USD 1.34 on December 6 to USD 2.10 on December 7.

Now let us also know the reason for the rise in the stock of FLJ Group Ltd:

FLJ Group Limited a leading technology-driven long-term apartment rental platform in China, today signed a cooperation framework agreement with Quhuo Limited (“Quhuo”), a leading gig economy platform focusing on community-centered services in China. Under the Agreement, two parties will establish a continuing, stable and solid joint partnership and work together to provide their respective customers with integrated services across areas such as apartment rental, community service and platform development and expansion.

Leveraging its large apartment network, the Company will provide customized rental apartments (including centralized or dispersed apartments based on Quhuo’s need) to Quhuo’s large workforce to address their housing needs. On the other hand, Quhuo will provide comprehensive value-adding services such as delivery, cleaning and facilities maintenance to the Company’s tenants.

Looking forward, both parties are confident that they will be able to optimize their respective technology-driven and platform-based strength in workforce operational solutions and rental solutions and solidify their leading positions in respective fields. Working closely together, both parties will continue to provide more comprehensive services to their customers and achieve growth mutually.

About FLJ Group Limited

FLJ Group Limited is a leading technology-driven long-term apartment rental platform in China. The Company offers young, emerging urban residents conveniently-located, ready-to-move-in, and affordable branded apartments as well as facilitates a variety of value-added services. The Company leverages advanced IT and mobile technologies to manage rental apartments in various cities in China. Technology is the core of the Company’s business and is applied to its operational process from apartment sourcing, renovation, and tenant acquisition, to property management. The focus on technology enables the Company to operate a large, dispersed, and fast-growing portfolio of apartments with high operational efficiency and deliver a superior user experience.

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